The  Palmiebistro  group story begins in 1966, where the foundations have been laid for the establishment and development of distinguished, at that time, initiatives in the foodservice and entertainment sectors, raising the marketís quality standards. These efforts enriched the Athenian lifestyle legacy with many well known popular restaurants and entertainment venues, while each one left its own nostalgic mark in the generations to come. Le Foyer, Recital 50, Balalaika, Ballet, Varelaki, Le Grant Foyer, San Lorenzo, Prison, Eirinikos, Bora-Bora, Mercedes, Empire, Bithos, Must, Vareladiko, Prime, Tango, ENVY, Destijl, Galea, Bocca, Guzel, Room and Dekko are just some examples of the groupís expertise.

      The opening of the first coffee restaurant  Palmiebistro  at Caravel Square in the city centre of Athens becomes the reference point for the upcoming evolution, expansion and recognition of a highly motivated store chain. Our brand name is associated with loyal customers who enjoy themselves in a high standard environment with key elements the overall quality and the reasonable pricing.

      The evolution of the  Palmiebistro  idea, a product of the multiple years gained expertise, conforms strictly to the groupís values concerning hygiene and safety, high quality service, respectfulness, recreation, entertainment and effectiveness. Our target is total customer satisfaction thus to provide a range of quality products at a reasonable price in an environment that allows each customer to have a good time. In return, 3 million customers choose  Palmiebistro  each year and this active preference is also backed by the fact of the ever growing memberships in the ďfriends and moreĒ program. Customer satisfaction survey results demonstrate that  Palmiebistro  has managed to gain recognition as a trustworthy chain which delivers its promises with great success.

       Palmiebistro  restaurants based on a flexible concept are open all day, every day offering a carefully selected range of products.
 Palmiebistro  is ideal for all week occasions: a coffee while going to work or while shopping, a break snack, a place to chat with friends in the afternoon or weekends, to enjoy lunch or dinner and drinks with business associates. Whatever the occasion, customer will always benefit from the same high standard service and value for his/her money in all chain stores.

       Palmiebistro  is the largest Greek restaurant chain of its kind where every single customer enjoys the high quality food, drinks and services at a reasonable price in a highly aesthetic environment. The modern, cozy, spacious and friendly lounge allows everyone to take a break and enjoy high quality meals, desserts, coffee and drinks. Our well trained stuff ensures that a higher level service will be delivered to our customers throughout the chainís stores all day all week. These affordable high standards are identified by the groupís trademark, the Palm tree.

Every Hour, Every Day, All Day! The Meeting Point!