Franchise 2016 Awards

And the "Customer Oriented Franchise Award" goes to...
Palmie bistro!

     Another great honorary award for Palmie bistro at the 8th Franchise Awards ceremony, on Wednesday, January 27, 2016, in Palmie bistro in Kefalari!

     The event, which was held with Palmie bistro as the main sponsor, under the auspices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (HCCE) and FRANCHISE BUSINESS journal, awarded Palmie bistro with the "Customer Oriented Franchise Award".

     For the eighth consecutive year, the 22 companies which stood out the past year with their performance, results and development initiatives were awarded and, Palmie bistro was once again among them, consistently managing to exploit the enormous potential of franchising and provide excellent products and impeccable services, squeezing costs and always focusing its commercial and communication strategy based on the capabilities of the modern consumer.

     The whole world of franchising was present at the ceremony, where Marketing Consultant Themis Sarantaena was the main presenter, as well as more than 450 participants, who in 2015, brought out the dynamics of franchising and confirmed the existence of healthy and creative entrepreneurship, which, in spite of the crisis, manages not only to survive but also to steadily grow!

"Aroma" of Greece in the new big Palmie bistro collaboration with Papadopoulou Cookies!

"Aroma" of Greece in the new big Palmie bistro collaboration with Papadopoulou Cookies!

     For the first time in our history, we are joining forces with an also Greek company, in order to boost the ... domestic power. Since the beginning of February, our customers have been enjoying one delicious cookie Papadopoulou for free with every coffee order, a promotional action which proves that the quality of Greek products, can and should - especially nowadays- emerge! This year, the renowned quality seal of Palmie bistro is tucked into our favourite flavour of Papadopoulou cookies, and together they compose the ...sweetest meeting point!

Franchise 2013 Awards

Franchise 2013 Awards

     On February 6, 2013, for the fifth year in a raw, the big Greek feast for Franchising took place in Palmie bistro in Kefalari, with Palmie bistro as the great sponsor and Valeria Christodoulidou as the main presenter!

     During the event, the 22 best chains were awarded, chains which all stood out in the past year for their performance, their results and their development initiatives, with Palmie bistro Group to be among them!

     Moreover, Palmie bistro was honored with the award for its overall contribution to the field of franchising, since all these years, it has been applying strategically structured moves to expand its business, always in conjunction with the comprehensive support, training and transfer of its valuable know-how to its new partners.