Our efforts began in 1966.
During the last years, in all developed countries, especially in the city areas, there is a high trend towards socializing in public places. This was a result of greater social and economic needs which reflected the modern city lifestyle. Moreover, there is a trend to combine eating with leisure, entertainment and social interaction. The average European family spends 25%-35% of the household income in the foodservice industry.
It is a well known fact that the greater revenue and greater duration and success have businesses that are part of a large chain. Besides that, statistics show 65% of businesses which choose to operate independently, have a five year average lifetime. On the other hand, chain stores achieve sustainability at a rate close to 97%. According to another survey, 67% of the general public prefers branded stores. A chain store enjoys not only the exact same environment of an autonomous enterprise, but also the benefits of a large company.
The strength lies in team unity…
We started our business in 1966 with the creation or co-branded of the most successful restaurants and entertainment venues in Athens (Le Foyer, San Lorenzo, Prison, Mercedes, Pacific, Empire, Must, Vareladiko, Tango, Prime, Envy, Destijl etc.). We established the chain Palmie bistro in 1985 with the first link, the store in the Caravel Square. The next year, after the total success of the first store, we invested again and again to the same idea, adding new links in the chain. This course, combined with our passion on total customer satisfaction, resulted in the general public recognition of the Palmie bistro brand and a great business success.
Furthermore, the accumulated experience and organized management brought continuous improvements in our concept and in our infrastructure achieving high standards that help us stand out from the competition.
In 2000, the continuous growth of the company is confirmed by the creation of our own Restaurants Studies academy, “Palmie Academy” which educates the foodservice professionals of tomorrow.
All these years, steadily and with hard work, we managed to have a financially healthy company with continuous growth. In order to better support our stores and further increase economies of scale, we established our very own production plant which caters and supplies the Palmie bistro chain.
Having now completed our Franchise package, we decided to further expand the Palmie bistro chain, offering the opportunity for an efficient and quality business to investors with vision, strong personality and team spirit.
       George Koutroulias
President of Palmie bistro Group